Saturday, September 09, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (Saturday Night Fever Edition)

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta on a Saturday;  was I out of my jurisdiction like Dekalb Police working that accident scene I saw in Rockdale County? 

Who'll understand a brotha?  not thinking he's important like other ATLiens; so  fresh and so clean per OutKast?  they rock,  but on some of their heads? there's a bounty. 

Authorities were like Dog The Bounty Hunter or maybe  Bounty the quicker picker upper,  plus jackers laid in the cut. 

Dekalb / Fulton County? territories were raided due to gentrification!! fixer uppers became mansions from Kirkwood to the West End,  so what's up? 

...Telling these stories after cruising down MLK Drive and Joseph Lowery Boulevard. 

Telling these stories after cruising in the Fourth Ward down on Boulevard. 

Telling these stories, but was I barred from the premises like Gov. Rick Scott told Floridians to evacuate per Hurricane Irma? some chose to hunker down like Larry Munson told the Georgia Bulldogs in their games..

Man made materials / junk blown down? we're some Floridians on a Death Wish per Charles Bronson? some need to quit playing games..

Spiritual significance in this operation based on rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!! this is how it's going down!!  excuse us for having a different vision. 

What it do? oh yes!!  we're still dealing with reality and it's not a different version. 

What it do? it's just different how we're swerving!! we take reality and remix  it. 

Lemons into lemonade, we didn't accept the charade!!  check this breakbeat science as we kick it.

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