Friday, September 08, 2017

Don't Get Me Wrong PT.9

Don't get us wrong!! digital crate digging continues but we're taking a pause for the cause!!  I told you earlier life is hectic.

Staying strong in the face of hate!! Trump sent signals to white supremacists!  the cause and effect was evident!!  it led to the disrespect. 

Staying strong in the face of hate!! it's like rolling in the Cutlass Supreme down I-75 on the way to Atlanta from Louisville we move on to the next; the rerun plays in my mind as I'm  writing this on a Flashback Friday.

Let's Groove by Earth Wind and Fire played in the hooptie plus it was posted earlier!!  but I can't work with you  if you're having LSD flashbacks,  no way.

The opioid epidemic / crisis has some paying high prices!! don't get them wrong!!  they were looking for something to ease the pain. 

What's up with it? in the background I hear New Edition ask can you stand the rain? 

What's up with it? oh yes!!  the reign of terror is administered by the devil and his advocates.

...Discussed at my satellite station;  word from this minister of defense / information!!  that would be me, don't get me wrong!!  the sound is weaponized as we come back with this.

Jokers try to track us like meteorologists tracking Hurricane Irma;  some are hard headed maybe even a slow learner!!  examples even provided when I was caught up in a jam, but O-Zone slides out.

Don't get us wrong, we're rocking this but jokers want us to hit the brakes!! pump them like Bendix!!  but for freedom? this brotha rides out.

Don't get us wrong!! we didn't fool with the fakes!! they're usually one who hides out when the drama occured..

Don't get us wrong!! frontline spiritual warfare business goes down!! sometimes we're caught out there in the grey area, where the lines blurred.

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