Sunday, January 28, 2018

Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - The Bamboo Saxophone (Kidkanevil Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues on this last Sunday of January 2018!! watch out now! time can slip away...

Sunday? jazz / gospel music / preaching? that's what I was brought up on; my motto? let the music play...

..After let us pray was heard at the Sunday morning service now I'm trying to swerve with this!!

Life? it's not easy like Sunday morning per the Commodores; gatekeepers guard gates / doors!! who'll work with this?

Listening to some soul jazz / jazz funk from  Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band  with a track called The Bamboo Saxophone (Kidkanevil Remix)

Something from left field, we choose this assignment so we're not trying to yield!! spazzing on some is an option but O-Zone will just get breakbeat scientific!

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