Thursday, January 04, 2018

Getting Your Mind Right PT.3

 It's all about getting your mind right in 2018, a dude is back on the scene but thought and fashion police say he misbehaves!!

Like Trump tweets inciting Iranian riots? check out the insight; year end brainstorming led to these rants and raves.

Beats thump and this good word is dropped!!  trying to get our minds right, spanning the globe brainstorming!!  hot due to global warming or feeling the 2017-2018 polar vortex? 

These days it's called the Bomb Cyclone, so once again it's on!!  cold weather has O-Zone rocking skull caps and Cosby sweaters;  the sport is complex. 

It's a cold world, but O-Zone and his peeps are trying to get our minds right!! we're don't stop get it getters like Bill Cosby trying to recoup / recover from the  defamation / persecution /  prosecution. 

..His programs are back in TV for the royalties;  meanwhile it's Times Up!!  Hollywood disloyalties lead to more sexual misconduct accusations /  prosecutions.

For a player / pimp? times up, so crime is up!! it's rough out here!! soon some are locked down like Times Square on New Years Day.

The struggle / threats are real!!  the takeover can be hostile!!  those with the "Rick James L7 Square spirit"  will have to run another play.

They'll have to come another way!!  it's a new year, like Trump vs Bannon the game has changed.

 In some ways?  it's still the same, principles have been rearranged. 

The so called invincibles were acting strange, but getting your mind right will be the rebuttal..

As we enter these attack zones / danger zones we'll have to fight!! no armchair quarterbacks allowed in the huddle!!

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