Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Getting Your Mind Right PT.5

Digital crate digging continues,  along with Sunday Jazz; per getting our minds right?  that's how we do things.

The saga / struggle continues as I like to say; we're going through our own routine / rites and rituals,  acting like we knew things. 

Meals / menus were prepared by habituals like criminals / preachers /  teachers /  politicians and even corporate personel..

Check out these meals prepared by a brotha trying to get your mind right!! not a stable genius like Trump but hitting you up with subliminal and blatant messages;  casting a spell. 

Beat thump and this good word is dropped, but we didn't run and tell that like wet and dry snitches!  this mission statement will spell it out.

O-Dizzle will make the beats drizzle while O-Zone has this good word;  united,  not like the treason per  Trump and Bannon who fell out. 

What's the dizzle in the danger zone? damn!! we might have fell out of rotation per the holiday season / hiatus but we're back.

What's the dizzle in the danger zone? we're trying to get your mind right dropping this mission statement;  it's like Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel, Scarface with Kanye West on the beat,  guess who's back.

Back on the set again! like Alabama Crimson Tide winning the CFP championship again!! check out what history is begetting / manifesting destiny. 

Atlanta Falcons losing in the Super Bowl? Georgia Bulldogs losing in the CFP championship game?  damn!! history repeating?  not an entity that's self defeating so I won't let it get the best of me.

Check out how we roll,  letting my constituents know it is what it is and what it's gonna be!  Ecclesiastes 1:9 comes to mind, check the insight...

 Check out how we roll,  we're  letting our constituents know with the sound and this good word; the mission is getting your mind right!

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