Friday, January 12, 2018

Getting Your Mind Right PT.7

We're out here trying to get our minds right /  do the knowledge; the Sonic Assault will be the vehicle we're in while at the junction. 

As 2017 crossed over into 2018? Trump was talking salty about Haiti / Africa /  shithole nations ? damn!! we still spot the dysfunction. 

What's the function? hating? of course it's still going down even as MLK Day approaches,  the word on the curb? Trump is racist and should keep King's name out of his mouth!! word up as O-Zone coaches..

What's the function? per attending Adversity University O-Zone is a veteran in the game who now coaches

What's the function?  we'll get breakbeat scientific, who'll work with me?  per observing the scene I'll be ready to roll,  I'll be on my way. 

Dropping this funk son!! per this Flashback Friday and Barry White?  you know my motto,  let the music play. 

Dropping this good word due to Flashback Friday  Earth Wind and Fire Ways Of The World / conditions in this world;  let us pray was the advice from the old school Baptist preacher. 

Dropping this good word after doing the mathematics; you "can't trust to luck"; that's per Ms Peters the fourth grade math teacher.

Dropping this good word, playing this like a preacher as I tell you to get your mind right!

Dropping this good word, trying to reach ya as I tell you to get your mind right! that should be the mission for 2018..

You heard? we're going to need supreme courage and maximum strength to combat the hating...

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