Monday, January 22, 2018

Business As Usual January 2018: Luke Solomon + Special Guest Greg Belson & Hot Mix from Laurence Guy

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; unlike government shutdowns your dude is trying to keep things moving...

As we proceed and continue we'll let the music play!! we'll put it down, we're trying to keep things grooving!!

True indeed!! on these menus? jazz / funk / disco / soul music / hip hop; it's all good, it'll help us get our minds right!!

True indeed!! the vibe in these venues is ill!! no red carpet walking like  at the SAG Awards we're dodging these devils with guns and swords!! those kind that "ain't right"

Whatcha need? this Business As Usual January 2018: Luke Solomon + Special Guest Greg Belson and Hot Mix from Laurence Guy?

It's courtesy of Classic Music Company; check out the playlist and the mix,  it's classic music homie!!  O-Zone wouldn't lie!!

01. Osage – I Found You (Feat. Dezeray Dawn) [Bastard Jazz Recordings]

02. Chrissy - Back in Time (Feat. Miles Bonny) [Classic Music Company] 

03. Takecha - EPS [Trouble Maker]

04. Man Friday - It's In the Rhythm (Danny Krivit Edit) [Soundmen On Wax] 

05. Doc L Junior - C’est ├ža [Full Pupp] 

06. Giovanni Damico - Rhythm Drums [Lumberjacks In Hell]

07. Christos Fourkis - Beats & Djembe (Mark Francis Organ Mix) [Retrolounge Records]

08. Glenn UNDERGROUND - Acid Jazz [Strictly Jazz Unit] 

09. Lord Leopard - Different Lies (Feat. Josefina) [MFF]

10. Emilie Nana - I Rise (Danny Krivit Extended Vocal Dub Edit) [Compost]

11. Cedric - Fleeting Moment [Ten Eight Seven]

12. Powerdance - The Lost Art of Getting Down (Trance Mix) [Powerdance]

13. Nachtbraker - Hamdi (Fouk Remix) [Heist Recordings] 

14. Seven Davis Jr - To Be Continued [Secret Angels] 

Through the Eyes of with Greg Belson Inspirations 

Hot Mix with Laurence Guy

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