Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Getting Your Mind Right PT.10

 It's going down!! getting you mind right is the mission for 2018..

...and beyond; check this 20 / 20 hindsight delivered in this concept conclusion..

Actually? "it ain't over, the party's not over"  per Guy with Groove Me!! like I said earlier it's going down!!  this is that ATLlife!!  I'm still dipping down I-20 in Atlanta rolling in the hooptie. 

Trap rappers need to get their minds right!! they didn't move me talking about riding in coupes with the roof disappearing;  I'm trying to find out where the truth will be. 

Like a so called player cyberstalking uncouth will be the behavior,  Biz Markie mentioned in the Vapors nothing will save ya!!  so we put it down like this. 

Actually?  the truth will save ya!!  but like Donald Trump vs Robert Mueller a naysayer will fight this. 

Watch me!! I'm trying to get my mind right as beats thump and this good word is dropped!! trying to make it  to where the light is shining!  others keep waiting in the dark

"They ain't right"  is the outcry from those that had five on it like the Luniz; dude left them waiting in Shawnee Park. 

... Up in Louisville; like Schumer and the border wall deal  jokers know the deal!!   others were wet and dry snitching like Steve Bannon. 

Trump calls him Sloppy Steve;  some will deceive,  per Rose Royce love will abandon.

Humpday Extravaganzas are underway!! of course we'll let the music play plus drop this good word!!

Just trying to get our minds right, check the insight!! you heard?

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