Sunday, January 21, 2018

Midnight City | Hip Hop ‘ Jazz ‘ Boom Bap

Sunday Jazz Continues!! so what’s up? we’re out here trying to do our due dilligence…

Jazz funk / soul jazz / jazz hop? we’ve got you covered plus we hit you up with this borderline belligerence..

Right there at the border before Trump gets his wall?  mentioned by Matrix and Futurebound!! is it  in exchange for DACA? check out the government shutdown negotiations..

Outside the border / outside the box; beats thump as O-Dizzle breaks it down, future bound as he rocks galaxies / municipalities / nations…

O-Zone? out of order with this good word, no pity from the street committee! listening to Midnight City | Hip Hop ‘ Jazz ‘ Boom Bap

Courtesy of LTB Music we’re out here doing what’s conducive!! Ben Maker is featured, check out the playlist and the mix…

Tracklist :
00:00 BEN MAKER – Answers
04:03 BEN MAKER – Good Vibes
07:40 BEN MAKER – Hold On
10:55 BEN MAKER – Invaders
14:33 BEN MAKER – Lost keys
16:53 BEN MAKER – Madness
20:32 BEN MAKER – Moon
23:54 BEN MAKER – My World
27:07 BEN MAKER – Ocean
30:32 BEN MAKER – Remember
34:10 BEN MAKER – Riot
37:04 BEN MAKER – Rollin
40:10 BEN MAKER – Storm
Midnight City | Hip Hop ‘ Jazz ‘ Boom Bap | Whats Really Going On?

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