Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Getting Your Mind Right PT.8

We're off to a bad start but we're back on the set on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday after a brief hiatus. 

We're off to a bad start, but it can go either way!!  it's on us,  so how will we play this?

We'll have to pray about this thing!!  that's the advice from the old school Baptist preacher!!  per  Ecclesiastes 1:9 and throughout history we watched that and this thing play out!!  now we're equipped with 20 / 20 hindsight. 

Check out how we play this thing!! now getting breakbeat scientific with it,  telling my constituents to get their minds right.

 Sho you right was the word from the maestro Barry White!!  jokers over in Decatur mentioned " I know dat's right"

Yo!!  we stayed in flight!!  now the mothership has landed on earth as we drop this insight.

False alarms like in Hawaii when we landed?  or maybe wake up calls like Trump talking about shithole countries? 

More false statements showing hatred? but  I'm asking, who'll rock with me as I cue up War's  City Country City?

 ...no pity from the street committee?  per Steve Bannon and others  mouths will run like they had diarrhea from that c-diff. 

Who's with me? did love abandon me per Royce Royce?  some will get their minds right after they see priorities shift. 

Oh yes!!  after a government shutdown  due to DACA some will get their minds right after they see priorities shift /  and even after the MLK Day 2018 they'll  see "ain't a damn thing changed"

Even though 2017 drifted over into 2018 jokers are still hating!! but we'll do the damn thing!! this good word is dropped and the beats banged!!

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