Friday, January 05, 2018

Getting Your Mind Right PT.4 (Flashback Friday Edition)

Getting our minds right in 2018? the saga / struggle continues!! it's rough out here!  there's always something there to remind me! 

My kind "ain't right" : spotted a brotha walking through the spot with a UK hoodie on: damn!!  they just beat Louisville!  there's something there to remind me!

It  "ain't right" : what?  the shady dealing like Trump trying to stop the Sessions recusal, so what it do?  can you find me after losing me with the negative feedback? 

It's hard to find me, especially after a snitches refusal to give the cash and weed back.

You might find me trying to get my mind right taking Flashback Friday expeditions,  then I take it back to the future:  my kind will act brand new with you if you're out here like Steve Bannon trying to  front / flex / and fake. 

Getting your mind right should be the main objective but some keep running off at the mouth, with reckless abandon!! sounding like North Korea,  check the scenario;  some will need to pump brakes. 

Getting your mind right? oh yes, it's going down, but I can see how it's going down!!  some,  like Trump mentioned a deep state.

Including Ellen DeGeneres? meanwhile we're being generous;  we're throwing down, check the sound!! plus we  might even go on a cryptic tweet binge like Trump to rebuke the deep hate. 

We see what the deal is; disrespected in the Peach State aka Georgia!  my Midwest style is not compatible!

We see what the deal is;  disconnected, getting our minds right!  now I get the machine set to work it out!!  pressing the button in the lab to "holla atcha" 

My buttons are bigger than Trumps and North Korea's,  check the sonic scenario. 

Gluttons line up to receive their punishment instead of getting their minds right; per Tina Turner?  we didn't need another hero.

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