Thursday, January 11, 2018

Getting Your Mind Right PT.6

What it do? what it does?  in 2018?  the main resolution should be about getting your mind right...

What it do? still hating like Trump and the GOP  talking about Medicaid? the elder over in Decatur said "they ain't right"

Still relating to my constituents!!  from I-20 in Atlanta to I-80 out in the Bay Area a brotha rides!!  plus he dips through all points in between.

Still relating to my constituents!! from I-10 in Houston to I-95 in the DMV  jokers know the deally!!  there's no where to run or hide.

 25th Amendment of the constitution mentioned? check the drama, Local /  national  / international and intergalactic fronts are even covered

Defended by these sonic assaults vs the vocal gymnastics from irrational fanatics,  exposed after they fronted on a brotha! 

This mission statement involves getting your mind right, even though it shows I'm on some "other other" ;  but "it's like that and that's the way it is"

Word from Run DMC on this Throwback Thursday!!  my constituents know what the deal is. 

...Plus they know what the real is!!  Thursday Thoughts / Throwback Thursday business?  they've been there and done that. 

2018 until infinity? We're trying to gt our minds right!! we're all on a mission,  check this statement!!  our business?  we handle or run that. 

93 til Infinity per Souls of Mischief similarity? probably, but damn there I go again on that  Throwback Thursday business!!

Dilly Dilly is heard after the relief,  some say because it's Friday Eve;  a lot of us try to get our minds right so we can handle our business ...

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