Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Getting Your Mind Right PT.9

We're out here trying to get our minds  right!  similar to Lonnie Liston Smith Expansions?

The mothership has landed now we're broadcasting live from the ATL planet!!  home of one sided  brick  /  hardiplank mansions! 

A brotha gets breakbeat scientific with these ATLiens but everybody thinks they're important!! soon facing sanctions like North Korea?

Undercut by Russia?  other players felt the pressure!! Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer or even Bill Cosby type wannabe pimps were like the ChiLites;  asking have you seen her?
Observing the scene to see what the cost will be; keep it moving, get your mind right!! you don't quit and you don't stop, so why would you? 

Getting our minds right!! scientific principles are followed so we can see what it do!

...Or we're acting like we knew;  saying a little prayer like Dionne Warwick,  then we go in / get it in. 

This player knows how the war can get; authorities were tracking me and you so we smile for the camera!  maybe even spotted winking! 

Territories were hostile!!  disaster brinking?  some of my constituents fronting / flexing / swagging on social media were willing participants.

Stared into the eyes of the tiger then started blinking? low technical, no disaster planning or thinking?  willing participants. 

They didn't let it go, elixir or broth drinking / hell's kitchen meal preparing or eating / self defeating entities?

Didn't kick it with those sloths we're trying to get our minds right!!  rocking Sonic Assaults,  feel these!!

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