Friday, January 26, 2018

I'm Trying To Put A Handle On It PT.2

I'm trying to put a handle on it as this concept is revisited; work is put in by this breakbeat scientific team..

Flashback Friday type of business? it was almost like Stevie Wonder with Creepin; previous episodes will creep into my dreams!!

Started writing this during the MLK holiday weekend; of course I have a dream was heard a lot!

...Along with free at last;  but ear shattering gunshots exploded / blast as jokers scheme and plot.

Like the World Economic Forum at Davos in Switzerland a lot of weapons were verbal; even George Soros tried to call out Google and Facebook..

Menace to Society unlike O-Dog? meanwhile Funky Lagos by Aderemi Kabaka is rocked by O-Dog on some more Flashback Friday business even though this dude disrespected by Google algorithms; face to face with a crook? 

Who'll face the nation, a crook?  previous rude references to shithole nations was heard from Trump,  plus previous threats by North Korea led to Hawaiian false alarms. 

Like Conan O'Brien giving Haitians a change to clapback we bring it back!! sonic weapons were deployed!!  O-Dog had work to do,  check the scenario!!  we had to find shelter from the storms. 

It's a cold world per Arctic fronts / Alberta Clippers rolling through the country. 

It's a cold world!!  Polar Vortex reaccurance?  we're trying to swerve with this but facing opposition  like we're in secret tunnels to the Los Angeles Clippers locker room;  the sport is complex!  you heard me? 

Trying to put a handle on this, listening to Freddie Hubbard with Polar AC trying to chill in the midst of the madness. 

What's up with a brotha?  like I said we're trying to put a handle on this /  get breakbeat scientific as we come back with this.

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