Monday, January 29, 2018

I'm Tyring To Put A Handle On It PT.3

I'm trying to put a handle on it!! what it do? getting your mind right seems to be the theme for 2018,  I heard someone else mention it. 

I'm trying to put a handle on it!! 20 / 20 hindsight enables me to make good decisions /  making sense of it. 

Trying to gamble on it it like Las Vegas!! check the 20 / 20 type of editorials from a ghetto perspective!!  in the ghetto?  respected,  but what about World Economic Forums in Davos or even Wall Street? 

...Plus the boulevards and governmental hallways of Washington DC;  but actually?  you can spot me out on y'all's street.

What's up y'all?  I'm trying to put a handle on it, ain't nothing sweet!  if it is it'll raise your cholesterol levels or your  blood pressure!

 What's up y'all? like I said I'm trying to put a handle on it!! your dude can't rest but he's trying to get his mind right after he felt the pressure

Now I'm trying to bless ya like Kendrick Lamar winning Grammys but check the attitude; whether we do or don't drop this  good word  or the funky sound somebody will damn thse!!  we're just trying to get your mind right!!

I'm trying to put a handle on it!! maybe somebody will understand these but  like Jay Z discussing Trump and black employment  on the Van Jones Show it's rough out here!!  my kind will have to fight.

I'm trying to put a handle on it / wrap my mind around this and that!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta sliding through the portal that opened  up,  rocking an old number 20 Barry Sanders throwback jersey.

 It's not even Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday,  but I'm still  trying to find somebody to work with me!!

....Still  out here hungry and thirsty,  but not cutting deals with GOP types to end the shutdown. 

A  border wall for DACA?   armchair quarterbacks get jacked by linebackers plus the cornerbacks!! the defensive mode?  the type is shutdown.

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