Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Nu Disco Funk Mix Jan 2018

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! the Humpday Extravaganza is underway!!

New strategy for 2018? avoiding armchair quarterbacks trying to run a play!!

Coming up short like Georgia against Alabama?  we're trying to jam bro!! letting the music play! taking it there!!

Running up in the sport like UCF undefeated, real champions? naysayers said don't go there!! 

Don't hold your breath some were told, meanwhile we go into funk mode per this Nu Disco Funk Mix Jan 2018..

It's courtesy of DJ Steve Adams; the dude is jamming!! just check out the playlist and the mix!! oh yes!! the disco and funk is playing!!


1. Coeo - 1981 

2. Le Babar - Spend The Night 

3. Slync ft Andre Espeut - Do It (Yam Who? Remix) 

4. Dr Packer - You And Me 

5. Dr Packer - Turn Me On

6. Jones Girls - Keep It Comin (Dj S Remix) 

7. The Whispers - It's A Love Thing (Extended Rework Dr Packer Edit)

8. Midnight Star - Midas Touch (Dj S Bootleg Extended Dance Remix)

 9. Midnight Star - I've Been Watching You (Charlie Beale Regrooved Edit)

10. Dr Packer - What I Got 

11. Michael Jackson - Off The Wall (Dr Packer Rework) 

12. Bobby Thurston - Check Out This Groove (Extended Rework Dr Packer Edit)

13. Groove Motion - Try It 

14. 80's Child - What Would You Do

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