Saturday, July 21, 2018

Corey Biggs - Banished Knowledge (El Brujo Remix)

The Saturday Night Fever edition of Digital Crate Digging is underway; let the music play!!

Who'll work with  me? witch hunting and game rigging was mentioned by Trump; is that how these jokers will play?  

We switch the game up, still hunting and gathering beats that thump plus we drop this knowledge..

Others snitch, no shame up in the game!!  this math we bring rebukes them as this mothership gets good mileage...

Ain't that a shame was heard up in the game from the players after we were kicked to the curb; Corey Biggs mentioned Banished Knowledge (El Brujo Remix)...

It's all game!! kicked off / banned from Blogster and Facebook; mobster style, face to face with a crook? it's a big world somebody digs the knowledge we kick..

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