Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The I-20 Chronicles (The Terrible Terrific TuesdayEdition)

It's all happening on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!!  "Hello,  it's me" ; I'm saying it in my Ronald Isley or Todd Rundgren voice.

 It's O-Zone,  just your friendly neighborhood blogger!! still out here on I-20 in Atlanta!!   the price is paid,  running things while bringing the noise. 

Slick ones like Trump and Giuliani will have me losing my poise over here in the hood!! it's like a metaphorical insecticide / fogger; similar to these Atlanta chemtrails?  planes going to and from Hartsfield Jackson Airport fly over my airspace!! will they  have an impact? 

Beats will thump plus this good word is the response; had to admit, I was losing my joy over  in the hood due to failures but I'll keep playing the field / in the midst of the action;  I'm trying to get back on track. 

The streets are calling , getting over the hump business is going down as I bring it back!!  it's all going down in the midst of Leo season.

Astrologers say Mercury is retrograde so who'll work with me during the ongoing charade? as I bring it back , it's all going down like the Matrix with Neo exposing the treason. 

Caucasians, Latinos, Asians, Arabs and Negroes with seasons and reasons make the status quo erratic. 

Caught up in unpleasant situations after steelos / styles / swags were established by quid pro quo?  soon life is hectic.

During the ongoing toil and strife?  some are disrespected, but what did we expect? 

We kept on running / going;  not staying too long,  we moved on to the next.

We kept on rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, it's our launching pad or portal to the universe..

We kept on rolling like North Korea still building missiles even though jokers said we missed something in the sport but we know how it goes!! please!! they'll get hit up with the beat and a verse..

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