Thursday, July 19, 2018

Hot Funky House Music - Ibiza Lounge Chillout mix two

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thursday as your dude gets retro-futuristic with it..

...based on knowledge that goes back I'm moving forward!! I was trying to drop science on them but a dude was met with skepticism. 

On the case!! I was doing the knowledge!! breakbeat scientific!!  the attitude is based on mysticism. 

The hiatus is over with, it's time to get down!! doing the knowledge? that's how I'm living!!

Playing this from I-95 in Miami to I-20 in Atlanta!  just left Atlantis down in Nassau, so what's up y'all?  mileage is good on the mothership. 

It's going down from Nassau on Bay Street to Trump meeting Putin in Helsinki; I told you breakbeat scientific is how a brotha gets!!

So what's up y'all? beats will thump plus we're disputing evil intentions; brink of disaster issues will be dealt with..

Listening to this  Hot Funky House Music - Ibiza Lounge Chillout mix two courtesy of irmachannel,  check out the retro-futuristic vibe on this Throwback Thursday; check the playlist and the mix..


01. Clan Greco - Miles Ghost 00:00 

02. Bruno from Ibiza - Global Warning [Speechless Mix] 04:58 

03. K'Un Experience - Keep Your Serial Number 10:11 

04. Jestofunk - The Ghetto [JFK Remix96] 13:57 

05. Montefroid - The Lion Never Sleeps 19:05 

06. Ely Bruna - Found Love [Funk Mediterraneo Remix] 23:59 

07. Gazzara - Rio Funk 30:49 

08. Groove On Commission - Savannas Dream 35:54 

09. Ltj Xperience - Walking Groove 41:29 

10. Dolls Combers - Don't You Ever Wonder Why [DC Element Mix] 51:12 

11. Montefroid - Groovin for the Groove 01:00:15 

12. Ohm Guru - I Wonder [Fauna Flash Instrumental] 01:05:00 

13. Big Mojo - Lose That Man Child Ian Osborn, Jeremy Reyes and Nicolas Franco] 01:10:55 

14. Funka 7 - Bombing Yard 01:16:03 

15. Don Carlos - Dakar 01:20:39 

16. Roller Coaster - Loco Mantra 01:27:06 

17. Bass Funk - The Sun [No Vox] 01:32:36 

18. Belladonna, Jasev - On Usuhara 01:39:17 

19. Paolo Barbato, Klod Rights - Beach Life 01:44:48 

20. Granfunkk - One Love [Deep Mix 01:50:19

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