Saturday, July 21, 2018

Perpetual Motion PT. 10 (The Conclusion But Not The Finale)

We stay in perpetual motion; the saga / struggle continues as I like to say,  even on this hot day in Atlanta. 

We had a notion, but were told to drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated; understand a brotha? 

Those that lie collaborated with another like Trump / Putin!! now Robert Mueller is checking for collusion. 

Those that lie elaborated like Michael Cohen; others got open but they kept digging deeper holes like Rudy Giuliani, causing more confusion. 

How did O-Zone play it? they're losing me and others,  I don't know maybe that's the plan. 

They're choosing me and others, I even heard them say that's O-Zone!!  that's the man! 

Like one of my other blogs, What's Really Going On? they're geeking me and others up then the winning streak is up!! who's going to take the weight like Kool and The Gang? damn!!  here comes the losing! 

O-Dog is on a mission!! streaking through the galaxy in the mothership!!  the launching pad was I-20 in Atlanta we're still cruising.

It's going down!! last week around this time I was cruising in the Caribbean down in the Bahamas,  now I'm trying to peep game after the mothership landed.

It's going down!  from the Gaza Strip to  these ATL streets I'll dip!!   I've observed the scene, checking the ongoing dramas!! not asleep in the game!!   some people want to see your dude stranded. 

Staying in Perpetual Motion!! this is the concept conclusion but it's not the finale!! whether I did or didn't somebody damned it; but I keep doing what I do.

Staying in Perpetual Motion!! inclement weather similar to that causing the boat to sink in Missouri didn't stop me!! much respect to the Coleman family and other families affected; out in Babylon me and my people were disrespected,  I just act like I knew.

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