Monday, January 16, 2023

Lights Were Blinking On The Instrument Panel (Part Two)

 I mentioned previously that the mothership gets good mileage, but I'm reminded of one vehicle I once dipped in down I-20 here in Atlanta!

Due to society's nefarious ways a brotha was rolling against the wind like Bob Seger, a freedom seeker  in the old school  1990's Toyota Camry favored by immigrants up in Chamblee and Doraville but due to a shady deal I was harassed by lights blinking on the instrument panel!

Who'll work with me on this Monday morning or whenever? in the Lions Den like Daniel type of controversy is dealt with; after succumbing to the sweet temptation?

Of course, Human like the Human League or even Human Nature like Michael Jackson with drama / intrigue part of the action or tantalizing touches part of the equation!

Caught out there swerving now lights blinked on the instrument panel; the check engine light and tire pressure light on? now some of us are veering off course. 

But of course! dealing with temptation? please! feeling the pressure out here in this Babylon like nation?  its par for the course!

Class is in session check out this course, taking it off the top of my head, in my mind? lights are blinking on the instrument panel like green lights on the internet modem!

Maybe like green lights per the reset button? on this MLK Day it's a good time to hit it so we can keep flowing!

 Light were blinking on the instrument panel of democracy per Trump January 6th shenanigans but we kept going; considered a hero for just surviving the moment. 

 Episodes stinking, polluting / detrimental but considered a hero for destroying the foundation of doubt.

 Check the modes; Tina Turner said we didn't need another hero, but previous episodes? they splintered my world!

 Lights were blinking on the instrument panel but I kept moving I didn't wait in the dark I learned to let the light in after the drama unfurled!

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