Wednesday, January 04, 2023

They Need To Recognize The Pattern (Part Seven)

 Discernment is needed when fertile soil is seeded! per getting over the hump due to this HumpDay Extravaganza? they'll need to recognize the pattern!

Earning it, plus paying the price?  wasn't spoiled but needed a fresh anointing but reality is disappointing it keeps bruising and battering!

Recognizing the pattern? we still did the damn thing! the funk is still dropped and my journal was full of these scattered tales.

The byproduct of scattered thoughts; a host of ideas running through my mind it never fails.. go there; sometimes way way out there / sometimes real / sometimes a fantasy. 

Sometimes politically incorrect, but its a big world  / universe  somebody will understand me. 

Others? politically incorrect also, Kevin McCarthy elected Speaker Of The House? we'll see how it goes as he deals with members of his caucus who are out of order!

Brotha O? mothership connection type of funk is dropped all up in the house per the O-Dog Podcast!!  he even hooked up some of it on the four track recorder...

...from back in the day, but the homie also has something to say after peeping game; noticed the so called powers that be like Ron DeSantis or Greg Abbott, the head asses in charge were in rare form.

Acting like an ass; like migrants shipped to New York or DC shocking moments led to a rare storm.
Now class is in session as digital crate digging continues with this weaponized sound, some fought back through ambient static. Recognize the pattern! Static? James Brown said don't start none won't be none but the sport is complex per the past week's polar vortex! climate change deniers? now seeking shelter from weather that's inclement.

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