Friday, January 06, 2023

They Need To Recognize The Pattern (Part Eight)

 Per this Flashback Friday? the Book of Timothy mentioned study to show thyself approved; that was the knowledge that was dropped!

They Need To Recognize The Pattern, it's going down from Pluto to Mars to Saturn ; Brotha O never quit  / stopped!

It's rough out here though,  Kevin McCarthy can bear witness per Speaker Of The House pursuits; please, we've had are share of ups and downs per the Gladys Knight song! we'll blame the ghost of failed endeavors for planting the seed of doubt. 

That arch nemesis was on the premises doing  the most but we ran him out of town, Branded like Chuck Connors! banished after the conquest!

Now bear witness,  it's all good but its no life of luxury! but we're enjoying the reign / doing our thing / going all out!

Chilled, silver linings in the dark clouds! serenaded by the morning rain so I'm not stressed. 

Still waters run deep per The Four Tops, recognize the pattern even when the waters get choppy or treacherous!

Peace be still per Reverend James Cleveland I kept believing staring at the Full Moon in Cancer reflecting on what the real deal is!

I Recognized The Pattern / see what the real is as that "player player" mentioned being close to you! that's due to the midnight tryst.

I Recognized the pattern, I heard the bomb cyclone "inclement weather like" thunder shouts of desire!
Once again its on but will it be detrimental? some were soon expelled from the empire, playing the role of a stigmata martyr? Revenge is swift, it was mine sayeth the Lord but a lot of these jokers aren't on one accord out here turning into a drama / fire starter!

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