Thursday, January 12, 2023

Still In Conflict With The World (Part Nine)

 Chilling out in the lab, visualizing the sequence it's all game the way I peeped this on this Throwback Thursday. 

Reflecting / internal inspecting maybe even course correcting but I came to the realization; I'm still in conflict with the world so who'll work with me? 

My pen weeps, a crying shame; "ain't that a shame" was heard was the word from naysayers! in the meantime and between time these tears of ink fall on the loose leaf from my pen! it can be the black or blue one. 

Peace? it sleeps while chaos and confusion creeps in this world! it's difficult if not impossible to find!!  but per being in conflict with the world anger is no stranger as I write a new one.

What? another poem showing I'm in conflict with this world; oh!! it's cool!  its flexible, read aloud or with gossamer whispers. 

Feel the energy, will it be enough to move the crowds per Eric B and Rakim? it's about an ocean of silent waves or out in a corridor of echoes. 

Eventually they'll see how it goes, especially after this Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is over with. 

Being in conflict with this world? going through a few episodes, at least Mars retrograde in Gemini is over with!

What's up with it? dude said he had something we could use to get over the hump with but that conman's magic seeds led to watercolor visions.

Instead of setting off the HumpDay Extravaganza it provided most drama plus I see it revived a decaying addiction. We're still in conflict with this world; exorcise or exercise your demons was the advice. Plus lies told are considered alternative facts, just more jokers out here faking jacks! it ain't nothing nice.

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