Monday, January 02, 2023

They Need To Recognize The Pattern (Part Six)

 Leaving that old 2022 energy behind unless it's beneficial, we've been official knowing that discernment is needed!

We'll need to recognize the pattern, especially out there in those treacherous waters that are bruising and battering the vessel; prayers are needed!

Plus, fertile soil will need to be seeded; New Year's Eve, midnight? to increase the chances of a good year we drunk the magic elixir!

Of course we had the kiss at midnight, we recognize the pattern it provided insight; 2023 a new year/ a new day per this Monday / a new picture!

Of course we're putting it down like this! a new scripture, written with a poison pen?

Or a magic one; a fresh start? encouraged to have a heart plus old dude from East St. Louis told me to choose my poison. 

Brotha O will choose to bring the noise in like Public Enemy since me and my kind are considered public enemies!

Brotha O will use the sound as a weapon and as a vehicle for public transportation / transformation when dealing with these evil entities!

But as we deal with those and these we still take time to celebrate life, recognize the pattern O-Dog Day Partying  / discoing don't you see and hear the stardust and hip hop / jazz / house music symphonies that are intergalactic?

Normal, business as usual as we pull up in the mothership, we'll roam the clouds soon out in the galaxy. 

Gone until February? maybe, by then this Capricorn Mercury retrograde will be over, no static!

Then back to earth; being built or torn down in debatable circumstances so what's it all worth? avoided so called powers that be.  

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