Friday, August 01, 2014

Hazardous Material / Choose Your Poison

Old dude from St Louis said choose your poison!! as long as it's not Ebola!!  so whatcha know bruh!!  he said get up and get out there. 

But the attitude is foul!! jokers are like Justin Bieber vs Orlando Bloom!! my attitude even shows doom!! there's no synchronization with the status quo due to being way way out there.

Longitude and latitude? it's determined on the GPS!!  plus on the iPhone. 

What's up dude?  that's what a joker asked me!! they're trying to see what I'm on. 

Israeli Iron Dome settings are usually deployed!! even though the Chinese will try to hack it!!  some will consider this hazardous material.

 It's real homie!!  it's built on the solid rock foundation!!  please!! if you track it you'll see what we have is spiritual. 

But BBD attitudes prevail!! they're saying it's Poison!!  so some will act brand new with ya. 

Cameo attitudes mentioned Strange;  check the flavor or the smell!!  some will act brand new with ya. 

Those meds have some in danger due to the side effects!! check the fine print. 

Those Feds were in full effect in NYPD with the chokehold!! were medicines prescribed or self prescribed?  they're determined by the US mint. 

Guardians of the Galaxy are needed!! the ongoing vibe will circumvent progress!! but  some say this is hazardous material.  

Choose your poison but don't lose your poise in the situation!!  act like you knew. 

Check out the Sonic Assault Hazardous Material Mix

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