Sunday, January 08, 2023

They Need To Recognize The Pattern (Part Nine)

 It's right there in front of them, it should be obvious! they'll have to recognize the pattern!

That's what they need to do, at least act like they knew as reality keeps bruising  / battering. 

From this Sunday morning and beyond  spiritual warfare continues and we'll keep battling! check out this stormy poetry with lyrics that rain.

Hopefully zen or insight is gained, after this good word and the beat is dropped as Sunday Jazz Continues maybe its received like echoes in rain. Out there, where the reign began with a drizzle!! it's where realms of dark and light are stained by the sound and the prose! Storming, heavy like a polar vortex or a California bomb cyclone; once again it's on but now? it's like some want nature's dark door to close.

Knowing the is sport complex, check the score / recognize the pattern; the devil will oppose this and that positive endeavor!

We're moving on to the next, from Pluto to Mars to Saturn to here in Atlanta and all points in between; this business is next level!
 Check us out as we go for what we know after recognizing the pattern; progress is made, I'll memorize this moment. 
Enjoying the present because it is a gift / present;  hopefully it'll cancel out the disappointment. 
 Oh! the saga / struggle continues, the madness hasn't stopped!! it's on the way lurking in the background. 
 The thrill of the moment? act like you knew this, we're  soaking in it until trouble comes back around.

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