Saturday, January 14, 2023

Still In Conflict With The World (Part Ten)

 Excuse me but I'm still in conflict with the world, especially after visualizing the sequence. 

Told not to be mad at the player but be mad at the game when I did the knowledge / peeped this. 

Love turned grey, damn! earlier colors we're bright! maybe it's from all the smoke and mirrors. 

Due to grey area scenarios that are real and no joke? y'all should know what the deal is!

Quincy Jones, Barry White, James Ingram and others were mad!  that garden of secrets was decimated by the ripples of flame. 

Fires are set by those in conflict with the world! some weren't discreet, they thought it was all game. 

Plus my kind on the front lines of spiritual warfare always catch the blame which is why I'm in conflict with the world!

Plus my mind stayed active as I take these thoughts off the top of my head, breakbeat science is kicked after the drama unfurled! 

The drama swirled  around us like tornadoes that hit Lagrange and Griffin Georgia during the week. 

Now we're trying to recover on this Saturday morning gathering Supreme Courage and maximum strength so we won't be weak. 

The devil and his advocates will creep so you know  the episode was crazy, I'll memorize the moment.

Its why I'm in conflict with this world! my  pen weeps after these episodes but  soon its  weaponized to fight the opponent.

Brotha O is back with it! per digital crate digging beats will bump plus these poems are written with conflicting / contrasting emotions. 

Brotha O is back with it! sounds, nouns, verbs my heart echoes / reverbs; studio notions?

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