Friday, January 27, 2023

Lights Were Blinking On The Instrument Panel (Part Six)

 Flashback Friday? reflecting on past episodes, dipping down I-75 towards Tampa in the 1978  Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme when lights started blinking on the instrument panel!

The check engine light came on while I was in flight now that ain't right! I had to pull over in a K-Mart in North Florida to do a tune up, soon I was on I-4 rolling into Tampa!

Now I'm back in my remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta doing the knowledge enjoying life on this Fabulous Friday per it being a blessing to be here with lights blinking on the instrument panel in the lab! devices synchronized for astronomic studies. 

We're local / national  / international and intergalactic with it! of course it surprised some as we search for the bridge across forever!

Found the bridge over troubled waters mentioned by Simon and Garfunkel  but no serene waters; the mothership? those troubled waters will muddy. 

While out there we did the knowledge, extraterrestrials told us how the funk should go so per Flashback Friday we rock sounds from the past by Return To Forever

The mothership gets good mileage it's functional but we're not trying to spread ourselves thin!

The Brotha O gets breakbeat scientific he's not dysfunctional when moving forward we're capable of getting the win!

Relaxing, chilling out but soon lights starting blinking on the instrument panel as midnight breaks open. 

Justice or injustices? per the Tyre Nichols situation and Florida black history shenanigans somebody call Benjamin Crump! but when we're trying to get over the hump those middle of the night regrets will file a motion. 

Whats up with us?  past episodes  / regrets try to stump us! like MAGA Republicans they want attention but they lack altruism. 

Please! per Styles P and Hoodie Season I pulled the hoodie over my head to block an ill wind. 

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