Thursday, January 05, 2023

Return 2 Innocence - A Drum and Bass Mix

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as a Throwback Thursday goes down in conjunction with a Thankful Thursday!

The saga / struggle continues from back in the day until today, which is a blessing to see so who'll work with me?

Please, like Kevin McCarthy speaker of the house opposition it seems these folks don't want me to be great! 

Some will try to start with me, they even it's all love but all I see and feel is hate. 

But as Thursday afternoon shifts into Thursday evening it's not too late for this O-Dog Day Party as we bring this Return 2 Innocence - A Drum and Bass Mix courtesy of a Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture

Who'll work with me? check out the playlist and the mix as we put it down like this, as we introduce our constituents to other parts of the culture!!

 D-Struct - Perception

M-Zine - See Textures 

Loxy & Resound - Straight 1's 

Myth - Gunshotta 

Spirit - Wildfire 

NC-17 & Dave Owen - Picture Me Rollin 

MISO & Fuj - More Than Ever

Wingz - Rebound 

Jaybee & XTC Notts - Charlie 

Rascal & Klone - The Source 

Taelimb - Kat Scam 

Tephra - Eerie One 

GROUND - Garden Peak 

Ewol - Nomad 

Sustance - Impulsive

Silence Groove - Motions

Sulex - Acid (Wingz Remix)

M-Zine ft. Afya - Croon 

Survey - Over Night 

Dave Owen & NC-17 - Deviant 

The Upbeats - Devices 

Misanthrop - Deus

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