Saturday, May 06, 2023

Break 4 Love A History Of House Vol 2 Part One

 Digital Crate Digging Continues, check us out as we come through with this Saturday afternoon edition!

The saga  / struggle continues but we fight back with this sound! O-Dog Day Partying or Afternoon Jazzing? it can go in either direction!

At the end of the day? it's all about peace, oh yes! those moments are craved!

Lands? from here in Atlanta to over in Ukraine to Sudan they're haunting! the constituents misbehaved!

Cons enslaved them and those talking a good game like MAGA Republicans concerning the debt ceiling;  they had them and those  believing an ill doctrine!

Comfort zones were hit up with drones no felt of serenity worn! hate or scorn? many are  locked in!

Brotha O-Zone? he rocked them and those coming through with Break 4 Love A History Of House Vol 2 Part One courtesy of DJ Steve Adams!!

Once again its on, check us out as we O-Dog Day Party to this, you can't tell us we're not jamming!!


 1. K-Klass - Rhythm Is A Mystery 

2. Electric Choc - Shock The Beat (Piano Mix) 

3. Soft House Company - What You Need (Luvdup Sat At Home Mix) 

4. Mark Whites & Nev Johnson - This Is It (Deluxe Remix) 

5. Kevin Saunderson Presents Inner City - Big Fun (Full Intention 88 Remix) 

6. Chaka Kenn - Why Waste Your Time 

7. Jon Cutler ft E-Man - It's Yours (Original Distant Music Mix) 

8. H2O ft Billie - Nobody's Business (Main Vocal) 

9. Simon Storer - Give You (Vocal Mix) 

10. Inner City - Good Life 2017 

11. George Morel - Let's Groove (Instrumental Mix) 

12. Happy Clappers - I Believe 

13. Sean Finn - Disco Revenge 2021 (Cassimm Remix) 

14. Boris Dlugosch ft Inaya Day - Keep Pushin (Antony Fennel Bootleg) 

15. Double Dee ft Dany - Found Love (David Penn Remix) 

16. De' Lacy - Hideaway (Nick Reach Up Remix) 

17. Ten City - That's The Way Love Is (Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes Remix) 

18. Ruffneck - Everybody Be Somebody (Back In The Days Mix) 

19. Joe Smooth & Anthony Thomas - Promised land


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