Monday, May 29, 2023

Going In; But It's Out Of Control ( Part Seven)

 Check us out as we pull up to the spot! it's similar to an attack zone but we're going in / getting it in! 

Peeped game, it's out of control how we're these jokers trying to roll? so what's happening?

It's happening  / going down on this Memorial Day amid recognition of ones who made the ongoing sacrifice as we celebrate life with the O-Dog Day Party, getting nice but this poetry? a fusillade of words! 

Weaponized against the facade out where the situation is out of control / the grey area scenarios where lines blurred.

Its like a forever loop playing per the Producer  / DJ similar to the matrix architect as we try to navigate the mainstream of mathematics! thought we were trapped in it but we found secret gateways.

Now it's like whatever! it's going down, soon we drop these mathematics plus ride the rhythm of the tide as we make plays!

At the moment utilizing crisis management techniques taking a break from making plays per this Memorial Day edition of the Outback Chronicles! barbecuing plus sprucing up the backyard!

Caught in a moment of time!  reflecting on how I managed to survive past episodes, I already told y'all it's rough out here / it's hard on the Boulevard...

...not just the one here in Atlanta somebody will understand a brotha! its going down  / its out of control! thought it was temporary but it's a never ending torment.

Some pull out the old school civil rights catch phrase shouting no justice no peace! others are locked in silence settings are dormant.

So we're going in / getting it in dropping this breakbeat science but what's important, is this poetry written then forgotten?

I'm just trying to tell my constituents that its out of control! just warn the masses as the plot thickens.

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