Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Inside Jokers (Part Nine)

 Check us out, still trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza in the midst of this Taurus season.

Chilling out in these hot days of May!  getting fresh air and in climate controlled environments! it's getting hot but it's still a cold world, who's for or against us? check out the treason!

The climate change is evident in more ways than one, word is heard from these inside jokers sounding like a disgruntled employee like Tucker Carlson or maybe that old flame with scorching lyrics! 

Inside jokers find it strange when I dropped this good word! authorities were notified some said this is hazardous material! ominous lullabies that are spreading like a virus?

Inside jokers went for broke like Trump on January 6th after the prize was denied, so he said he'll burn it all down.

Authority defied but catching charges in other jurisdictions but he said they played him like a clown!

Territories cried, their constituents were tired of it! AR15's bloodied the scenes but all politicians have are thoughts and prayers!

Stories heard: like George Santos fabrications somebody lied like Pops always said up in Louisville / Newburg when inside jokers waxed poetic, a bunch of wannabe hustlers  / players!

Already told you about Mr. Cole schooling us about the rat race  / dog eat dog world! confirmed when I traveled the world but now I'm back! it's me! it's someone you used to know!

Out there! ready to roll after observing the scene! check me out, sometimes nowhere but anywhere catching the flow!

Not like inside jokers pulling a stunt I did the math a hunter / gatherer! even spotted in the enchanted forest in pursuit of the white stag.

Inside jokers thought they broke us but we're spontaneous playing it both ways; futuristic and retrospective!

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