Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Glitterbox Radio Show 317: Presented By Melvo Baptiste

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this HumpDay Extravaganza segment! we're caught in a moment of time as I go for mine, this is a critical stage of development! 

Whats the deal? the saga  / struggle continues! it is what it is, there's  no where to run or hide; were trying to enhance this embellishment!

Whats the deal? ya'll know the devil gets in the details now we have glitches in the matrix!

Some won't feel the vibe, others will try to damage ya plus snitches will fake it.. we try to take it to another level...eventually the tribe  benefits from it.. we stake a claim to it / as we approach that point; its the critical stage of development! 

O-Zone will delve into the Dark Mystery of Time and Space; seeing what it do!

Once again its on!! the funk is O-Dizzle's..the word from O-Zone...we're on the case!!  scientific like Hadron Colliders; but society is hating on these freedom riders; right here at this critical stage of development we act like we knew!

So what it do? we're focused man! we're coming through with this Glitterbox Radio Show 317: Presented By Melvo Baptiste

Check out the playlist and the mix as we O-Dog Day Party to this!! my constituents know what's up with these!!

1. Loleatta Holloway - Dreamin’ (Jazz-N-Groove Club Mix) [Defected] 00:00 

2. Shampale Cartier - I Got A Man (Da Mooch’s Handbag Swings) [SFP/ EMG] 05:12 

3. Melvo Baptiste feat. Jamie 3:26 & Annette Bowen - Gonna Be Alright (Jamie 3:26 Remix) [Glitterbox Recordings] 09:16 

4. Dames Brown feat. Waajeed - Glory [Defected] 14:28 

5. Yüksek - Dance ‘O’ Drome [BMG] 19:55 

6. Betty Griffin - Free Spirit (Divine Situation NYC Downlow Rework) [Culture Of Soul] 22:46 

7. Kleeer - I Love To Dance (Dave Lee Disco Mix) [Z Records] 26:23 

8. Kid Crème feat. MC Shurakano - Down And Under [Oxyd Records] 29:14 

9. Da Mob feat. Jocelyn Brown - Fun (Main Vocal Mix) [Subliminal] 32:33 

10. Butch & Nic Fanciulli - I Want You [Defected] 37:10 

11. Jean Carn - Time Waits For No One (Dave Lee Disco Mix) [Z Records] 41:50 

12. Seamus Haji & Michael Gray feat. Audrey Martells - Wish [Big Love] 46:56 

13. The Joneses - Summer Groove [Good Records] 51:44 

14. Alice Smith - Love Endeavor (Maurice Fulton Mix) [BBE] 56:59

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