Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Crisis Management (Part Seven)

Damn! here we go again with these remote outpost musings, these Terrible / Terrific Tuesday rants and raves, based on the premise that things can go either way!

We're getting local,  national,  international and intergalactic with it, booking flights of fantasy with travel agencies? flagrant is how constituents of those realms act they didn't like how the Brotha O was trying to play!

Now I'm in the midst of crisis management, thought and fashion police say a dude misbehaves due to the internal or external stimuli.

This dude is damned if he did or didn't, they want me caught out there like Rudy Giuliani but the sound and this poetry takes me away, reality just a lie?

Reality? we'll remix it like O-Dog at the podcast beats will blast like guns on these streets blast while jokers talk about the second amendment!

Coming through with AR-15s like their ready to help the Ukraine army against Russia with its crisis management!

Or are they really fighting the Wagner Group, as they get sick with it  / slick with it! profits in Sudan they try to recoup the struggle is real!

Back in the day up in Louisville? Robert Wagner It Takes A Thief types had their own crisis management; they pulled capers then dipped in the Cadillac Coupe Deville.

Ignoring John Durham types the Russia aided Trump coup / insurrection was real but due to my own crisis management I'm trying to chill but in the middle of silence I was soon interrupted.

Listening plus visualizing the sequence; a breeze of footsteps let us know it’s corrupted.

What? the hideout, like the Isley Brothers Footsteps In The Dark footsteps are heard in our  secret corridors!

We'll have to ride out, crisis management has us dipping through on I-20 in Atlanta the vehicle crashes  through the fortress creating open doors!


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