Monday, May 01, 2023

Funky House " Feel 2023 " by Philgood 5336 Mix

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Music Monday edition!

Check out these menus as we keep looking for the perfect beat like Afrika Bambaataa is where you can spot a bruh chilling not trying to spaz! this is how I'm living!

Didn’t follow the so called invincible down the rabbit hole, jokers will catch a case like Trump insurgents 

Sliding through the portal knowing how the sport will go! dropping this good word and beats that bump is how we’re working this!

We're coming through O-Dog Day Partying, listening to Funky House " Feel 2023 " by Philgood 5336 Mix

Jazz dance? House music? disco funk?  this is how we’re doing it! Check out the playlist and the mix!!
1: Selace - So Hooked On Your Lovin (Mousse T.'s Extended Disco Shizzle) 
2: Kaz James - Paradise (Original Mix) 
3: Sean Finn - Lost in Music (DJ Blackstone Remix) 
4: Vanilla Ace - Get It On (Saison Remix) 
5: Purple Disco Machine - Rise (feat. Tasita D'Mour) (Edit) 
6: Eugenio Fico - Bad Girlz (Original Mix) 
7: Lissat - Boost Your Body (Original Mix) 
8: Bas Roos - Searchin' 
9: Yaxkin Retrodisko - Going Places (Original Mix) 
10: Purple Disco Machine - Money Money 
11: Block & Crown - Meilleue Amor (Nudisco Mix) 
12: Spiritual Soul - Make You Happy (feat. Che Cherry) (Enea DJ & Ezio Centanni Disco Version) 
13: Timo Jahns - Why Can't We Live Together (Original Mix)

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