Sunday, May 21, 2023

Crisis Management (Part Eight)

 On this Sunday morning we're trying to move forward but you know how the devil and his advocates are, if you're trying to move to the next level? if you do or don't somebody will damn it!

Soon it's like damn here we go again with the next level dramatics! catch us exercising crisis management!

Saturday night? like Newcleus we tried to Jam On It! back in the day old dude at the Checker Cab stand up in Louisville told us you need to find that party in your city!

He said don't act brand new with us! per the DeBarge Rhythm Of The Night? you need to get caught up in the rhythm and flow!

You need to get caught up in the thrill of it! if not? issues will get the best of you can you deal with it? damn! it's a pity!

The epitome of crisis management? advised to just release yourself and go for what you know!

What will the deal be? crisis management comes in many shapes and forms; in reference to the Gambler Kenny Rogers mentioned you need to know when to hold them / fold them  / walk away or when to run!

What will the deal be? how did I manage to survive? blessed and highly favored like the Clark Sisters fighting against the devil and his advocates plotting against my brothers and sisters wanting to see us come undone!

But once again it's on! it's a family reunion when the Sunday Jazz Continues plus these good words gather together!

Like Russia supposedly seizing Bakhmut are there attack zones developed by the enemy? security is posted at the gate, they won't let the arch nemesis on the premises aka the darkness in.

But AI programmed clones and drones operated by those family members found a way to enter, they're very clever!

We jammed on Saturday night but Sunday is full of drama, soon a joyful story becomes agonizing!

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