Sunday, May 07, 2023

Inside Jokers (Part Eight)

 Was the joke on us? shooters keep shooting from Louisville to Allen Texas as politicians send up thoughts and prayers!

True!  even here in Atlanta the madness continues! but thoughts and prayers? that's the type of business handled on this Sunday morning but jokers will have us caught up in the system  / matrix trying to play us!

Inside jokers go for broke cuz, it's rough out here for these players! per the King Charles Coronation just more pomp and circumstance at the pomp and ceremony?

Mr. Cole warned me about the rat race / dog eat dog world plus Pops warned me the wise and otherwise would act fake / phony!

I'm not surprised by these issues we face the madness never stops plus some act entitled  they expected unrivaled grace!

Inside jokers? the joke is on them! at the end of the day? I surmised they're like me per the Book of Romans receiving unmerited or guiding grace!

Beats and English is broken as we take extraordinary measures like debt ceiling planning when we get breakbeat scientific!

The streets are talking we kept our ears to the curb interpreting the word, can you dig it?

Wise to the whole set up, so what occurred? the arch nemesis was on the premises! inside jokers aka the enemy ripped off that felt of serenity.

We can't let up, we continue going for broke but was chaos and mayhem reigning in that once radiant city?

Is the joke on us, we can either take a loss or search for soulful remedies / a solution?

Inside jokers thought they broke us but we're still in search of guiding grace instead of the ongoing confusion.

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