Sunday, May 14, 2023

Crisis Management (Part Six)

 Started writing this on a Sunday morning trying to be easy like the Commodores!

Soon? another crisis, ain't nothing nice about this! the arch nemesis on the premises coming through these doors?

O-Dog mentioned entering attack zones like Russia in Ukraine trying to disable American supplied equipment!

O-Dog paid attention even though funds are low intelligence more than artificial equipped for this crisis management!

Rebuking a Fela Kuti Army Arrangement? out here trying to avoid a Trump style arraignment, out here doing the math after hearing a cynical laugh.

Independent, good word dropped and beats bumped check the style but the vibe is foul check the ongoing crisis; soon under the authority of an evil staff?

Dealing with it, jokers out here rolling like Tommy Tuberville but we know the deal from the dark toll of the bridge troll.

Told I need to pay to play by these gamblers out for a fast buck but am I stuck? Brotha O refused to relinquish control!

Cold world dynamics even though the temperature is rising! trying to keep a low profile as we drop this sound per Sunday jazz and write poetry where words whisper.

No slender volume? thought and fashion are loud though! some chalk this Brotha O poetry wayward.

These words? loud ones, part of this crisis management by bring positive, exuberant when we visit you?

The style crowded some during the ongoing crisis now some pay high prices! they can't deal with the heft and weight of this!

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