Saturday, May 27, 2023

Crisis Management (Part Ten)

Beats and English are broken representing broken spirits from ongoing clashes with the apparatus but  not like Ken Paxton vs the GOP in Texas!!

Pain and anguish was a byproduct but it influenced my conduct now check how I get breakbeat scientific / check the status!

Writing poetry part of this crisis management, scribbles written  in between spaces on my gas and electric or my  phone bill.

Act like you know me!  like I said earlier I'm holding truths with an ink pen, the real deal.

In this life aka Olympics? Brotha O is a major participant now check the dynamics as javelins of light are thrown!

Part of my crisis management techniques but some naysayers call thought and fashion police; soon technical difficulties are experienced like Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis as websites crash  and circuit boards are blown. 

But once again it's on as lab techniques are enhanced and breakbeat scientific principles are advanced as we put it down like this!

Once again it's on as digital crate digging continues as we drops sound like that and like this!

The sound is weaponized to fight this or that ongoing crisis! they have some underwater like mortgages, breathing heavy catching tickled breaths.

Damn! surprised! while hiding out / chilling out imprints in the water revealed my location.

They found out I was there! ear shattering gunshots exploded / fired! it's out of control, thought and fashion police tickled by my death? 

Midnight mystery solved! a Weather Report Mysterious Traveler caught out there?   per their crisis management their so called evidence revealed my vocation.

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