Saturday, June 23, 2018

Miles Davis - On The Corner

Sunday Jazz...err I mean Digital Crate Digging Continues...

Trying not to spaz, it's rough out here!! the saga / struggle continues..

This is the Saturday Night Fever edition of this digital crate digging!

Afternoon Jazz was bumping earlier, some were able to work with a brotha!! the vibe they're digging..

Back on this jazz thing, coming back with Miles Davis!! he's talking about  "On The Corner" ....where its going down...

Check out the players and the tracks!! check out the sound!!

Mtume on percussions

Chick Corea on keyboards

Miles Davis on the trumpet

John McLaughlin  – electric guitar 

Michael Henderson – electric bass

1.On The Corner 0:00 

  b.New York Girl 2:58   

  c.Thinkin' One Thing And Doin' Another 4:30 

  d.Vote For Miles 11:15 

1 through 4 are considered track one. Here are the others..

5. "Black Satin" - 19:58 

3. "One and One" - 25:19 

4. "Helen Butte/Mr. Freedom X" - 31:30

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