Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Marcellus Pittman Live From House District Barcelona Off Week

This Terrible /Terrific Tuesday of Digital Crate Digging Continues!! we're going off...

Perspectives determine the outcome, we help when pulling out the drum; going off!!

Respect it? naw!! you know jokers will play us off  like we're entering the United States from a Muslim Country...

Expect it? what, a miracle? of course we do, inspiration provided as we kept hustling out here in Atlanta rolling down I-20...

Blessed in the city and the field / country; rolling up listening to  Marcellus Pittman Live From House District Barcelona Off Week..

It's courtesy of DJ Mag, that sound we'll drop after we drag!! check the playlist and the mix!! strong not weak!!!

Rapson ft. Nathan Thomas – Heat [FRIDAY FOX]
Theo Parrish – Dusty Cabinets
Omar-S – Churchill
Johnny Fiasco – All Over
Bent Boys – Walk The Night
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Firecracker
Le Pamplemousse – You Can Get Off On The Music
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Tong Poo
Afrofunk & Nana Love – Hang On Baby

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