Sunday, June 03, 2018

Grap Luva – The Grap Luva Tape

Sunday Jazz Continues!! a dude is tripping out!!! I’m out here on the fringes..

The saga / struggle continues!! I’m flipping out, excuse me for going on these binges…

Hip hopping!! not stopping, like I’m  hooked on it!! syringes and a crack pipe?

Hip hopping!! not stopping!! O-Dizzle even cooked product in the lab!! he made sure the tracks were tight..

Alright!! Alright!! so what’s the dizzle?  no crook conduct!! jazz played in the lab also!! at the moment listening to Pete Rock’s brother Grap Luva and The Grap Luva Tape…

Hip hop with jazz, funk and soul elements or what I like to call jazzhop!! this is courtesy of Nas Kingston ; check out the playlist and  the tape!!

01. Work is Never Done
02. Love the heights
03. Work it out
04. Donuts on Washington St.
05. Pieces of a Drum
06. Fighting at Cromwells
07. Don’t Stop
08. Rocking with Elegance
09. Lions Walk
10. The Block (With His Brother:)
11. Pete and Graps (With Pete Rock)
12. Nothing but Luv Cookout
13. One For Ruddy…Nuff said
14. Cross Country (We Out)
Grap Luva – The Grap Luva Tape | Whats Really Going On?

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