Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Perpetual Motion PT.8

What it do / what it does?  I'm staying in perpetual motion trying to do the knowledge,  I'm even checking statistics. 

What it do / what it does? due to Tuesday primaries Democrats and Republicans are checking all options; meanwhile O-Zone  pondered thoughts of going ballistic! 

But now I'm kicking ballistics, just because there's a Muslim / Travel Ban they thought I missed it but I was ahead of the game!! stayed in perpetual motion,  I even circled back around. 

It didn't matter if it was the city or the field per Deutoronomy 28:3 the Lord blessed it when another stressed it!!   they try to play me and you  like a clown. 

Some played the field, slick like Mitt Romney? they thought that's how me and all my people got down,  but they're wrong about that. 

Didn't stop / yield? I know, like jokers dipping back and forth down I-20  here in Atlanta trying to run over people some act like they're important; they think they're  entitled to this and that. 

Didn't stop / yield? no,  we stay in perpetual motion doing our thing, we had a notion; but like they said in the hood, at the end of the day?  it's not about all that!!  MC Breed said "ain't no future in your fronting"

"It never was cuz" that's  my ode to Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday per digital crate digging /  gathering / hunting. 

But the Humpday Extravaganza is underway!! check out how we play as we stay in perpetual motion..

Trying to get over the hump but these haters will dump!! like the crooked Supreme Court set up by Mitch McConnell and the Republicans upholding the Trump travel ban they'll deny our motion..

We're peeping game like AT&T / NSA collaborations!! beats will bump plus we'll continue to drop this good word handling this breakbeat scientific business..

Staying in perpetual motion based on having this notion,  letting my people know what the deal is!!

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