Monday, June 11, 2018

The I-20 Chronicles / Rolling Up / Rolling Through PT.10

Rolling Up / rolling through; out on I-20 in Atlanta!! per Music Monday? O-Zone has that brand new funk playing in the background trying to put his mack down; so how will these earthlings play?

Rolling up / rolling through like Trump and Kim in Singapore trying to settle the score; a bruh never yields, I learned how to work things; my motto? let the music play!!

Rolling up / rolling through these danger zones / killing fields here on earth; everyday? it's one thing or another. 
Others zone out like they're in a field of dreams while some work on plots and schemes like hacking the bitcoin exchange; they're trying to take down a brotha.

Please!! some were caught out there like they're part of the so called Russian collusion;  they were either melancholy or happy go lucky.

Meanwhile your dude is still out here rolling up / rolling through out on I-20 in Atlanta!! they saw me going in / getting it in during this Monday morning rush hour traffic; handling things!!  answering questions for those  asking;  whats up with me?
Told them things are not lovely!! we were going in / getting it in though!! now we're in it now up to our necks!!  but it's not all gravy baby!

Told them things are not lovely!! what it do?  please!! like Trump vs the G7 a joker disrespects!!  these earthlings were shady like grady.

They even tried to play me but  I responded with beats that bump and this good word!! their game is null and void.

Some of my constituents are feeling the pain  like Kate Spade and  Anthony Bourdain!! this bruh used breakbeat science to fill the void...

Who can feel the void?  I'm still rolling up / rolling through out here on I-20 in Atlanta!! it goes back to Basic Edition from K-Mart to Faded Glory from Wal-Mart days!! there never was any  Polo from Ralph Lauren, so what's the deal?

Per Music Monday? I'm rolling up in the hooptie;  rolling through the hood listening to some old Fugees; Wyclef / John Forte and Lauren Hill..

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