Thursday, June 14, 2018

DJ Shadow - Essential Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Throwback Thursday; it's going down like this!!

Digging deep in the crates, we go back and move forward!! my constituents will see what the deal is..

They'll see what the real is; naysayers will say I'm insubordinate like James Comey..

Maybe somebody will feel this, but players know the sport can get ugly!! they say the game is like that homie!!

Others ask me, what's up homie? I told them we're checking out DJ Shadow ‎– with the classic Essential Mix from BBC Radio One 'recorded on March 30th 2003; check out the playlist and the mix...
1 Gangsta Boo Can I Get Paid (Instrumental)
2 Cool Breeze (2) Cre A Tine (Acapella)
3 Lil Wayne F**k You (Instrumental)
4 Tow Down Country Rap Tune
5 Awesome Of Course Crew Micski Is Blasting
6 Too Kool Posse Give Em A Small Sample
7 Prince EZE and Big Fran To The 3rd EZ Makes You Delirious
8 Casanova (8) World War 3
9 Robert S. Don't Dis Me
10 Joe Tex I Gotcha
11 Syl Johnson Different Strokes
12 George Clinton & Parliament Tear The Roof Off The Sucker
13 Guess Who, The American Woman
14 Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love
15 Citi Heet The Saga Of Begging Billy
16 Brothers, The (3) You Can't Win
17 Singing MC Breeze, The* Yodelay Dee Hooo
18 Special K (2) Special K Is Good
19 I'LI State That's How It Is
20 Frozen Explosion Mack Knife
21 Lyrics Born Freestyle
22 Sly & The Family Stone Advice (Drum Loop)
23 Tootskee & the Czar MC Does A Skeezer Deserve A Chance
24 Lyrics Born Freestyle
25 Stepin Strong Rhymes Different From The Others
26 BZ2 MC's* We're Troopers
27 Loose J And The Master Of Wax Hi Lo Cut
28 Einstein (2) The Freeze
29 Beans Mutescreamer
30 Mr. Lif Pull Out Your Cut
31 MC Breezy Beat* & DJ Quick Rick* Stick'Em Champ
32 RSP Crew, The MC-School
33 Def Dee & Scott Fresh No Competition
34 Kool D. Ultimate MC'S Freestyle
35 Cipher Sound Get Moved On
36 Kool Kev (The Lyrical Stinger) My Experience
37 Eightball & M.J.G. Throw Your Hands Up
38 Master P Light It Up (Vocal)
39 Master P Light It Up (Instrumental)
40 Mantronix Hardcore Hip Hop

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