Monday, June 11, 2018

Discogs Mix 058 - Operator Emz of Mobile Mondays!

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday!! this is how it's going down....

We're using the drumkit; it's how we play!! no need for a  summit with Kim Jong Un...

Joined by Dennis Rodman? the music will play, that's how we're responding to all of this and that..

Business? we're handling!! no sanctions like Russians!! we're not about all this and that..

Check out the function, we're dropping the funk son!! we're listening to Discogs Mix 058 with Operator Emz of NYC's  Mobile Mondays!

Check out the function; Mobile Mondays! is Funk & Soul, Disco, Punk Rock, New Wave, Pop, Salsa, Rock & Roll, Calypso, Reggae, Rhythm and  Blues and anything else classic and danceable on 45 RPM singles! perfect for this Music Monday!!

Check out the function!! bettter yet? check out the playlist and the mix!! 

It's going down from the  NYC’s East Village to down here in the ATL, as we get breakbeat scientific..

1. Patrice Rushen – Feels So Real (Won’t Let Go)
2. The Supremes – You’re My Driving Wheel
3. Calender – Hypertension
4. Imagination – Burnin’ Up
5. Skyy – High
6. Logg – I Know You Will
7. Manzel – Space Funk
8. Switch – You Pulled A Switch
9. Vicky “D” – The Beat Is Mine
10. Val Young – If You Should Ever Be Lonely
11. Steve Arrington – Dancin’ In The Key Of Life
12. Ian Dury – Spasticus Autisticus
13. Hanson & Davis ‎– Hungry For Your Love
14. Treacherous Three – Action
15. The Miracles – Give Me Just Another Day
16. Gil Scott-Heron – Home Is Where The Hatred Is
17. Michael Jackson – We’re Almost There
18. Clipse – Cot Damn
19. Special Ed – I Got It Made
20. Smif-N-Wessun – Bucktown
21. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Streets of New York
22. De La Soul – Oodles of O’s
23. Run-DMC – Peter Piper

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