Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Perpetual Motion PT. 7 (Concepts Revisited)

Concepts are revisited on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can go either way!! I was reminded that the saga / struggle continues..

I had to keep it moving, in perpetual motion; going on with some notions but some a dude discontinues..

From Singapore per Trump Kim Summits to checking the score and responding with this good word and drumkits motions are introduced..

Checking the score; summed up the consequences / doing the mathematics!! potions and elixirs were drunk now fanatics were seduced..

..by the daughter of chaos; who'll take a loss as plots and schemes were devised?  master plans developed like the  Eric B and Rakim joint..
Streams of consciousness I float down;  aka I-20 in Atlanta; can we get down? but the atmosphere / water's polluted!!  from the get go? reality was rocking them and those as the devil will oppose!! jokers even ask me what's my point!!

Hustles? please!! history repeats as the matrix architect alt / shift / deletes!! hustles? from the get go society..is knocking them!! but it didn't surprise me.

Tussles and scimmages go down, like the US vs the G7!!   a gambler rolls sevens, plus continues to lie to me.

Staying in perpetual motion or trying to be on the move;  reaching the heavens or a fiery lake?

Jokers in the hood had a notion now drama unfurls from Candler Rd in Decatur to Beatties Ford in Charlotte!! who started it? probably the fake.

No Love Rollercoaster like the Ohio Players mentioned!  in NYC young men of color are in the database, meanwhile authorities are on the take!! pockets are phat!!

It's all love was heard from Donald Trump type  braggers / boasters at these  summits put they're just players!! meanwhile a brotha stays in perpetual motion ignoring fake ones say they're phat and all that!

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