Tuesday, June 26, 2018

DETROIT SWINDLE disco & house set in The Lab LA

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday...

I call it that because things can go either way; how will I deal with it? I just let the music play!!

It's conducive that I pray to the Lord, first for thanks and then for mercy as we move forward..

Peace? elusive while we're on this earth; everything from Muslim Bans to Mitch McConnell justice obstructions prevent some from moving forward...

Please!! we're blue collar  putting  in work like an old school Detroit auto factory; we're hustling man!! failure is not an option!!

We'll "holla atcha" with this DETROIT SWINDLE disco and house set in The Lab LA courtesy of Mixmag!! check the abbreviated playlist and the mix; they're rocking!!

[00] ?
[02] DJ Friction & Ground Control & David Whitley – All Night Long (Extended Mix) [Sedsoul – SED 12031]
[05] ?

[11] Daniel T – All Day

[26] Professor Rhythm – Via Botswana [Awesome Tapes From Africa – ATFA 027CD]
[29] ?
[32] Detroit Swindle Feat. Lorenz Rhode – High Life [Heist – LP 01]
[37] ?

[44] Amadou Balake – Massa Kamba (Ben Gomori’s Massabbatical Edit) [Sterns Edits – STEDIT 002]
[50] ?
[55] Lavan – 4e&j [Forgot – FRGT 002]
[58] ?

[72] Under The Shade – Bad Mouthin [UTC – 031]
[75] Billy Paul – Only The Strong Survive [Edsel – VEXMEDCD 801]
[81] ?

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