Saturday, June 09, 2018

Discogs Mix 057 - Adjustment Bureau

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever; a dude will switch gears / change the format..

I had the afternoon jazz thing going, now I'm on to this  house music / techno type of format...

Going on with that!! I had a choon or two, acting like I knew like Trump blaming Obama for Russia's Crimea annexation..

What he know about that? those mushrooms kick in from years ago!! but beats boom / thump and this good word is dropped after a brotha felt the pressure from being caught up in an unpleasant situation..

Rooms full of amens after this brotha dropped the beat /  preached to the congregation? was the pimp juice and Jesus juice kicking in? 

O-Dog is hooking up  Discogs Mix 057 with the Adjustment Bureau, getting loose with this tech house music!! check the playlist and the mix!! a dude is just catching up on his pimping!!

1. Andrey Zots – Sweet Spot
2. Timofti – Blue Effect
3. Claude Karl.Son – Vibrahim
4. Krak Street Boyz – Shout Out
5. Yoshitaca – Whagt
6. Dewalta & Joel – Tiffany
7. Ferro – Toys
8. Gurtz – Like I Like
9. Nami – Melinda & Il Gatto
10. Louis McGuire – In The Trick Bag

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